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How does nutrition help?

We literally are what we eat. The food/drink/supplements/medication and air you breathe all impact how your body functions on a daily basis. Naturopathic Nutrition looks at the person as a whole and identifies imbalances in the body. Food is then used to correct these imbalances.
Nutritional Therapy can help the symptoms of various conditions:
Memory problems 
Blood sugar imbalances
Thyroid problems 
Structural issues - bones, skin conditions, joint pain 
Immune problems 
Cardiovascular issues 
Digestive issues
Hormonal problems 
Weight loss 

What to expect
I'll send you a health questionnaire and for a food diary for a week.
We'll then go through this information and a full medical history.
I'll work with you to achieve your health goals.

I use cambridge nutritional sciences food print, which tests 59 foods and Brunel Health, which tests 134 foods. Both are finger prick blood tests.
I can also carry out various other testing: Hormone panel, gene testing, digestive tests.

About Liz My journey with food started when I was 21, following some debilitating digestive issues,  which led me to see a Nutritionist in Brighton. I loved all the health food shops in Brighton and  trying all the healthy food. I knew I wanted to learn more and enrolled at CNM in London, completing a 3 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, qualifying in 2009.   Since then I’ve become a member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association, am a Graduate of AFMCP – UK 2017; which is a functional medicine qualification and am a Breast Cancer UK Ambassador. I’m also trained and insured to do blood food intolerance testing and offer various testing.