What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an non invasive gentle complementary therapy which considers certain points on the feet, hands and legs to correspond to areas of the body. By applying gentle pressure to these points it can aid relaxation and improve wellbeing.

Things that may benefit from Reflexology

  • Wellbeing
  • Release of tension
  • Mood improvement
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Perception of health

Reflexology is a holistic therapy which considers the person as a whole and an individual. 

What to expect from your session

When you meet the therapist they will take your case history and discuss with you any concerns you have regardingt he treatment.

You will need to remove socks and shoes and settle yourself in a relaxed position on the couch. the therapist will use gentle pressure to your feet , lower legs, hands ears or face depending on the type of reflexology chosen. There may be some tender points but the discomfort will pass. Your general experience should be relaxation.

At the end of the session you should have a sense of deep relaxation and people usually report a sence of wellbeing after one to two treatments. Your thereapist will also give you any advice they feel appropriate. In some cases clients reported a mild headache or felling tired followiing treatment these are normal reactions and should pass withing 24-48 hours. Your therapist will explain that this is part of the healing process

Hot Stone Reflexology 

This therapy adds an extra dimension to traditional Reflexology and is soothing and nurturing.

Heated basalt stones are used to massage the feet and lower legs. The heat from the stones penetrates to a deeper level activating the reflex points without the need for firmer pressure. It is stated that a single stroke with a heated stone is equal to five strokes with the thumbs.

The addition of hot stones to the reflexology treatment brings all the benefits of heat treatment

  • Increases circulation and lymphatic function
  • Increases elimination of wastes and toxins
  • Promotes release of muscle tension
  • Encourages deeper relaxation

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