Jodie Hewett - Pilates Instructor

Jodie Hewett

Jodie was first introduced to Pilates in 2007 when she broke her foot. She tried a pilates class as a gentle way to get back in to exercise as she was used to fast paced high impact classes and abdominal crunches.
Pilates was something she had tried before but didn't at the time see the point of it but when she found herself in a position where she needed something that was low impact was then willing to give it another go.
This time something clicked and she suddenly understood the benefits of pilates and she fell in love with it.  

After giving birth to two children pilates is helping Jodie to re-strengthen her deeper core and pelvic floor muscles all of which are hugely stretched and weakened during pregnancy and childbirth. It is also great for re-mobilising the lumbar and thoracic spine which both become stiff and tight due to pregnancy postural changes. 

Jodie qualified to teach matwork Pilates in 2014 after working for 10 years in the education sector both as a primary school teacher and a school sports coordinator where the focus was increasing the participation of all children in some form of sport or physical activity and seeing the benefits that this brings.

She believes pilates is amazing for improving strength, flexibility and mobility and is important for health and well-being for all ages and is something we would all benefit from daily.